We operate a small family ski resort conveniently situated near Prague. While our location is very convenient, the central Czech Republic setting doesn't offer large mountains, so except a moderate hill. Our snow is primarily man-made, utilizing snow cannons, and its quality relies on weather conditions and cold temperatures. Our dedicated team ensures daily slope maintenance with a snowplough.

Skiing in our area is very popular, which leads to weekend crowds, so please expect queues. Weekdays, however, offer a more relaxed environment, as there are less people. You can always monitor the situation through our webcams on

If you are an absolute beginner unfamiliar with skiing, it's important to understand the challenges and potential dangers. If you're new to skiing, consider booking a lesson in advance through our ski school (more information at ). In addition to that, please use our beginner area for your first skiing attempts, ensuring responsible behaviour to avoid endangering fellow skiers. We try to create a welcoming and safe environment for all skiers – please act responsibly to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our ski resort area is designed for skiing and snowboarding only. Sledding and bobsledding is strictly prohibited.


The main ski slope is 300 metres long and is served by 2 ski lifts.

You can choose between two types of fares – per ride or for time. You must decide what is more convenient for you when purchasing, as you can't return or exchange an already purchased and used ticket for another one. The selected fare is loaded on a contactless card, for which you need to give a deposit of 100 CZK. Each person must have their own card, except for children under 4 years old who ride for free. Any remaining rides on the card can be used throughout the season. When the credit is exhausted or if you do not want to use it anymore, return the card to the ticket office and you will get your deposit back. No refund for any remaining credit.

An important note is that we do not accept credit cards, only cash.

Prices per rides:

5 rides – 100 CZK (child up to 140 cm – 80 CZK)
10 rides – 150 CZK (child up to 140 cm – 130 CZK)
20 rides – 270 CZK (child up to 140 cm – 230 CZK)
30 rides – 390 CZK (child up to 140 cm – 320 CZK)

Prices for time:

1 hour – 230 CZK (child up to 140 cm – 200 CZK)
2 hours – 320 CZK (child up to 140 cm – 270 CZK)
3 hours – 370 CZK (child up to 140 cm – 320 CZK)
4 hours – 420 CZK (child up to 140 cm – 360 CZK)
5 hours – 470 CZK (child up to 140 cm – 400 CZK)


We have an area for beginners and children, where there is a gentle slope 50 meters long and there is a moving belt on which it is super easy to get up. The area is located near the ski school. Tickets are sold at the machine at the entrance, cash only.

The prices per person: 100 CZK for 1 hour, 150 CZK for 2 hours and 200 CZK for 3 hours. Everyone who is in the area (with or without skis) pays, except for children under 4 years old, who get in for free.


We have our own rental shop on site, where you can rent skis, snowboard, boots, helmet, poles, for both children and adults.

We do not offer rental of clothes, gloves, or ski goggles, you need to have your own. There is no need to make a reservation at the rental shop, there is plenty of equipment.

We do not accept credit cards, only cash. You will also need a passport, ID card or residence permit, which you can show, and we will write down your details.

Please allow plenty of time for renting and trying on equipment, especially if you have booked a lesson with an instructor - we recommend at least half an hour, more for larger groups (over 4 people).

Price list:

Set of skis and boots – 2 hours 250 CZK / 4 hours 350 CZK / full day 400 CZK + deposit 1000 CZK
Set of snowboard and boots – 2 hours 320 CZK / 4 hours 420 CZK / full day 490 CZK + deposit 1000 CZK
Helmet – 2 hours 60 CZK / 4 hours 80 CZK / full day 100 CZK + deposit 200 CZK
Poles – 2 hours 30 CZK / 4 hours 40 CZK / full day 50 CZK + deposit 200 CZK
The deposit is a maximum of 1000 CZK for the entire rental.
Example calculation: equipment skis + boots + helmet for two people for 2 hours = 2* (250 CZK set + 60 CZK helmet) + 1000 CZK deposit = 1620 CZK


Lessons tend to be full, so book a few days in advance by calling + 420 721 230 700. The basic price of one lesson (50 min.) is 700 CZK per person (not including the fare). You can pay with a credit card or cash.


A fast food stand and restroom facilities are available throughout the opening hours. The nearest restaurant, supermarket and ATM are in Jílové u Prahy, which is approximately 2 km away.

AREÁL INFO:telefon: 721115584 e-mail:
PŮJČOVNA A SERVIS: telefon: 725922005 e-mail:
ŠKOLA:telefon: 721230700 (9 - 18 hod.) e-mail: